Physician Info
Learn more about cannabis, cannabinoids, and how to refer patients to our clinic.

For physicians

Many physicians are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with cannabis and cannabinoids as treatment options.  Santé Cannabis is your partner in managing this often complicated aspect of their care.

Referring Patients

To refer patients, simply fax or e-mail us a referral form, along with a summary of the patients medical file and list of past and current medications.  Our team of highly experienced physicians will assess your patient for the use of medical cannabis or cannabinoids according to guidelines established by the Collège des Médecins du Québec, and Health Canada's Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).  

Prescribing for Patients

If you are comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, simply fill out our Medical Document, provide your patient with the original version, and keep a copy for your record.  You'll need to indicate a daily quantity of dried cannabis (g) and a period of use which may not exceed one year.  Have your patient bring the medical document to our office and book an appointment with a Santé Cannabis counsellor.

Our counsellors have been immersed in the medical cannabis sector for a decade and bring a unique and profound experience to our centre.  Santé Cannabis counsellors work with your patients to help them maximize the benefits of cannabis while minimizing potential risks.

Santé Cannabis counsellors can guide your patient in selecting a legal supplier, understanding cannabis strains and their potencies, and transforming dried cannabis into edibles and extracts.  

Education, Proceptorships, Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about medical cannabis, cannabinoids, and how you can integrate them into your practice?  Santé Cannabis offers education, proceptorships, and workshops for healthcare professionals interested in cannabis therapeutics.  We are available to present to your clinic or care team on a wide-range of related subjects.  We are always available to speak with other health care professionals about cannabis and cannabinoids, so don't hesitate to contact us or to drop by in person!


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